#1591 Fat-face DJing

Photos: Katherine Lowe

File this one under things NOT to do two days after you’ve had your wisdom teeth pulled. Last night Anouk and I (aka DJ Darkness Brothers) played Holy F*** end of exams edition. Imagine a small, hot, dark room filled with hundreds of heaving 18-21 year olds. Now double it and add a couple of older dudes (here’s looking at you, Marc Moore and Steve Dunstan, holla!), throw in some banging, angry hip hop and watch the pandemonium unfold. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Sure I popped a few stitches, but what’s a couple of extra days recovery time between friends? Photos below.


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  1. Non says

    I don’t think you’re try hards. The chap posting anonymous comments on a blog accusing others of trying too hard is another story.

  2. Ma Man says

    Is that Ben Ford, New Zealand’s best dressed businessman, in the 4th photo from the bottom? He’s let himself go.

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