#1592 Summer dressing – the long and the short of it

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Summer is hands down the hardest season to dress for if you’re a man. Not that it can’t be done – just take a look at The Sartorialist or Jak and Jil to see all manners of well-dressed gentlemen in cotton suits with perfectly rolled neckerchiefs, or pants worn sockless with little leather ankle bracelets – but if you’re not a real detailsy kinda dude, you’re pretty much plum outta luck. All I ever want to wear is a white tee shirt with some beige pants or blue jeans and a pair of canvas sneakers, and though I have fantasies of getting that bandana tied just right, it never seems to work out for me. It’s a nightmare.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d smash a cotton suit, but most of the time it’s just too damn hot. And then we have to deal with shorts. What a bane. My recommendation on the shorts front, generally, is: don’t. But if you must, keep them above the knee, in a solid colour like navy, tan or maroon (or if you’re feeling extra spirited, a bold pattern), and take them off the minute the sun goes down. Australian brand Mjolk has a bunch of options, plus they’ve used Kiwi model Aiden Andrews in their lookbook, so let’s support those who support our own. I’d generally suggest beige walk shorts the likes of which your grandfather would have worn back in the day with knee-high socks. You can usually find them in pretty good condition from your local second hand store.

Most importantly, stay cool.


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  1. Style_runners says

    What about a good pair of rolled denim cut off shorts? Or (not together mind you) a denim jacket over a white shirt? I am finding it difficult to dress this summer. Particularly on the shoes front.

  2. nico says

    oh yeah, i just realized countries in the southern hemisphere are hitting summer soon. for a moment this post felt a little out of place.

  3. Danny Falgate says

    Summer shoes… What are the options other than plimsoles or boatshoes (which are already appearing so often that they’re becoming expected)??
    Don’t get me wrong, in the heat of a good old NZ Summer it’s hard to beat camel chinos or denim cut-offs with neutral tees, shirts or polos… But more options would definitely be much appreciated. Even the best international designers appear to be having this problem!
    Summer has most definitely become a season of expectation for menswear fashion.

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