#1595 Some sweaters for your Sunday

It’s getting too hot here in Auckland to be wearing sweaters but I’m still not ready to give them up. Lucky for me, Northern Hemisphere winter is fast approaching and every big brand is currently advertising a fine selection of their woollen wares. I still haven’t seen anything that can compete with the Hermes pair above, but click below for a few that won’t require a pre-purchase meeting with the bank manager.

Sweaters from top: Hermes knitted V necks; J Crew Fair Isle crew neck in navy blue and white; Urban Outfitters Fair Isle crew neck in multi-coloured red; J Crew lambswool crew neck in turquoise; J Press X Urban Outfitters Shetland crew neck in grey marle; Brooks Brothers lambswool crew neck in maroon; Margaret Howell cashmere crew neck in natural melange.


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  1. Harriet Were says

    isaac, if you do not take my advice and go to the wool shop ladies, second floor, westfield downtown and get them to knit you whatever you like i may just drag you in there… stop writing about things a million peeps will have and go there!
    you’ll be the only one wearing handknitted possum merino at paris fashion week and it’ll make you feel silly, then you’ll thank me
    ask for gwen, she hand knits fingerless gloves in a day and they look machine done.

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