#1597 Karmaloop’s outfits look better laid out flat

Photos: Karmaloop

I’ve often heard designers attempt to justify their use of super-skinny models by saying that if it was up to them, they’d send coat-hangers down the catwalk, because clothes look better draped straight up and down, as opposed to clinging to a shapely body. That’s obviously oxymoronic, seeing as clothing is intended to be worn by a human body and not just looked at on hangers; and most people would beg to differ, seeing as clothing generally looks better on people than it does on a rack in a store; and also, if a designer prefers their clothing on a hanger than on a body, what was the purpose of designing them in the first place, and how do they expect to make any money if they never want to see their clothing on a person? What I’m trying to say is, boo to those designers who suggest such things.

On the flipside, I’m currently getting pretty obsessed with outfits laid out flat (flat lay, in industry terms). J Press for Urban Outfitters did a mighty fine job with their collection, and Karmaloop have just done a little holiday gift guide that looks even better on the ground than it would on a human body.

Might have to start doing some of these myself.


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  1. LoulouBlue says

    I like laid flat too! I totally agree about this “clothes look better on skinny models” mantra malarky “they” bang on about. Clothes on rake thin models look rubbish! Yes, they hang – but they literally just hang, like poor limp soulless things….boo indeed. :-(

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