#1598 Modern-day Ivy League style is alive and well at Princeton

Photos: Gordon von Steiner for GQ

If Take Ivy, the Japanese book that captured the essence of 1960s Ivy League style – and which has recently had a massive resurgence in popularity via the blogosphere – left one lasting legacy, it is this: preppy East Coast menswear was and always will be cool. A perfect example is recently released film The Social Network. Compare the Winklevosses with Mark Zuckerberg – blue blazers, button down oxford shirts and beige slacks, versus ill-fitting jeans, dirty tee shirts and Adidas slip on flip flops. On the brains front, Zuckerberg kills hands down. But on the style side, there’s no competition. GQ recently sent their Wandering Eye Gordon von Steiner to the Princeton University campus – as you’ll see in the photos below, he found that Ivy League style is alive and well. It’s a fail-safe recipe for any man young or old lacking a little inspiration in the menswear department: take one blue blazer; throw in some button down shirts in pale blue, white or washed-out pastel; add a rep or bow tie; a few pieces of knitwear in rich blues, greens and maroons; some corduroy pants or indigo jeans; a pair of brown brogues, et voila – you’re set.


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  1. Katiemay says

    I don’t think i could ever date a guy who dressed like this. Something about it just screams “sociopath”.

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