#1599 Jay Z is definitely in the building, Beyonce is probably in the building

Visual mashup: Katherine Lowe

Jay Z aka Young Hov aka Jigga aka Yaboy aka Hova is in the building. And by in the building, I mean in the city – he has arrived in Auckland. Huffer Director slash NZ face of the new Audi A1 Steve Dunstan tells me Continental Car Services have loaned Jay Z an Audi Q7 V12 (free of charge) for his personal use while he’s in town. According to Dunstan, an ML Mercedes was initially provided to Jay Z, but the 6′ 1½” tall rapper couldn’t fit inside. (He big pimpin’.) At this stage there is no 100% conclusive evidence that Beyonce is here as well (ie. nobody has actually seen her), but according to sources she was mentioned around the Continental Car Services team, her name has been seen on the backstage list for both of the Jay Z and U2 gigs and a recipe list has been sent through to chefs for her eating pleasure. One can only hope that she samples some of the local cuisine while she’s here – fish’n’chips anybody? More on this as it comes in…


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  1. christee says

    love that you and katherine ‘collab-ed’ on this project/’visual mashup’. the fish and chips are an inspired touch. i totally get it!

    soooo looking forward to seeing more from yall. skies the limit when you have no shame!

  2. Jewelz says

    WHERE IS HE STAYING??? WHAT HOTEL?? beyonce just yesterday New York time did a couple of interviews over there??? but it is possible she will arrive in the next couple of days if shes coming to new zealand? she did say in an interview she will be spending thanks giving in Australia? hpefully she meant new zealand as well.

  3. Please says

    You’re a knob rich white boy. you should be ashamed of the way you carry on. CONSUMER scum! do something worthwhile with your life rather than worshiping the cult of celebrity. You live in NZ moron not LA

  4. rayban says

    RayBan サングラスをかけ、町中に歩き回てるのはまさに現代社会の私たちのことじゃありませんか。毎日、多くの人々がレイバン

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