#1602 Beyonce is most definitely in the building!

Photo: Samantha Bellingham

Boo the naysayers! Sometimes you’ve just gotta believe. At about 8:10 this morning, Beyonce Knowles arrived in New Zealand. It was a fairly quiet affair at the airport – the welcoming committee included David Farrier from TV3, an NZ Herald photographer and Nicolas from Gaga Now (a New Zealand based Lady Gaga fansite). Add me and Katherine plus a couple of fans in the mix and there were literally 10 people tops out there waiting. NZ1, the Air New Zealand flight she was coming in on landed at 8:05am and our excitement grew. Just as we were gearing up to rush the arrivals gate, we heard a whoop of excitement from over by McDonalds. A lone fan named Samantha Bellingham ran over to us brandishing her camera. “You’re all going to hate me, but Beyonce’s been and gone,” she said. Sure enough, Bellingham had the photo to prove it – the singer had pulled a sneaky exit through a side door. Darkness brothers! Short of stalking the hotels (I hear Mollies is quite possibly where she’s staying), our only hope of seeing Beyonce might be at the concerts – she’s been known to get up and perform Forever Young with Jay Z, maybe tonight will be our night. HOLLA AT BEYONCE!


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  1. LoulouBlue says

    Oooh ‘Citing! What a gorgeous photo!!! If only we all looked like that after a long haul flight – or actually, at any time of our lives! Yes hope Queen B makes an appearance tonight!

  2. Elyse says

    She’s definitely staying around there – just saw them leaving on a helicopter on school grounds (Ponsonby Primary). Ha, they sure know how to beat traffic.

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