#1604 Reuse, reduce, recycle with Black Box

No matter how good it might look, paper packaging isn’t doing any favours for the environment. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a sucker for a perfectly-wrapped purchase folded up in tissue paper and delivered in a well-designed parcel, but how about a bag that you can use time and time again – it’s the gift that keeps giving! Someone was telling me recently about Japanese denim label 45RPM; when you buy from their flagships they wrap your goods up in a giant unbranded square of organic, unbleached cotton and fashion a sling out of it to be worn over your shoulder. I love that. Auckland’s Black Box is getting in on the reusable packaging game with their new cotton canvas shopping bags. According to store manager Jae Mills (pictured with the bag above), Black Box will be encouraging customers to use the bags in every situation – from clothes shopping to groceries. I reckon they’ll make good beach bags too – they’re big enough for a couple of towels… just don’t forget your 15+. Get in there quick, no doubt they’ll be flying out the door (the bags come free with purchase).


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  1. JB says

    I’m going to sound like a terrible, wasteful person, but it is so much more annoying getting a canvas bag – like the beach bags moochi give away with purchase. Last summer, when I still lived in NZ, I ended up with three moochi beach bags, as well as two of the other material totes they were giving away with purchase. I couldn’t even pass these on to friends, as they all had them too. Adding those to the material bags you are given when purchasing from places like surf shops, supre etc… well, I find these harder to dispose of than say a plastic bag which I can use to line a small bin rather than purchasing bin liners.

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