#1607 Stolen Girlfriends Club and Karl Maughan are getting their fashion floral collaboration on

Stolen Girlfriends Club and artist Karl Maughan are collaborating on a capsule fashion collection, to be released late February. Announced on Friday via Marc Moore’s Twitter account, the collaboration will include eight outfits made up in digitally printed cloths bearing Karl Maughan’s popular floral paintings. According to Moore, different panels on each garment will feature different paintings, resulting in a kind of floral patchwork kaleidoscope.

How did it come about? The pair ran into each other at Ponsonby cafe Dizengoff and got talking over a flat white. The decision to work together was made almost instantaneously. “I said, ‘We should do a collaboration!'” says Moore. “And he said, ‘Yeah okay!'” Simple as that.

Artist/fashion collaborations are no new thing, and some, like Louis Vuitton and Stephen Sprouse have proven extraordinarily successful for both parties. Though several New Zealand designers and artists have collaborated on tee shirts (like Workshop and Martin Poppelwell), to the best of my knowledge, this is the first time a whole capsule collection will have been created.

If this one is successful, no doubt a slew of others will follow suit.

Stolen Girlfriends Club are yet to enter the highly lucrative swimwear market. A Karl Maughan floral printed bikini could be just the ticket.


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