#1613 Dream beanies

Photo: Inventory

The word beanie hails from the 1940s when chaps used to refer to their heads as their ‘beans’. (Thank you Apple dictionary.) Growing up in the dirty South (Christchurch), where winter actually means frosts, occasional snowfalls and daily chilly temperatures, beanies were a necessity for bike rides to school. But in all my life, I’ve never been able to find one that actually looks good – peculiarly shaped bean or something.

If I was more confident, I’d invest in one of these Inventory/Inverallan collaboratively designed woollen hats, probably the red or the green, but seeing as they work so well as a triplet it would be a shame to separate them. My Mum knitted me a great fair isle beanie last summer for a winter trip to Europe, but it was a little big.

Later on today, I’m heading to the downtown Westfield Mall to visit some little old ladies who knit sweaters, hats, vests and the like. Harriet Were has just arrived back from Europe and she swears by their prowess with a pair of needles. I’m back to Europe early January so I’m going to need all the wool I can get.

Wish me luck.


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