#1616 Taking knit ties to a whole ‘nutha level

Photo: Style Hunting

It’s a commonly regarded fact (among the menswear blogging fraternity) that knit ties are a preferable option to traditional silk ties right now. They’re a little less formal, they’ve got that great texture and they reek of rakish cool. So what’s better than an ordinary, everyday knit tie? A fair isle knit tie, that’s what. I saw the one above over at Style Hunting and though I have no idea who made it, I reckon the ladies at the wool shop I visited the other day might have a crack at knitting one similar. Speaking of which, I put in an order for a periwinkle blue crewneck sweater with two plaited cables running down the front. $90 for the wool, $85 for the knitting. They told me it’ll be ready Christmas week.


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  1. says

    I’m struggling to love these ties…
    They remind me of “ugly jumper” parties thrown in North America pre Christmas. You know the classic Old Navy Christmas knit? Oh Monochromes you have been in my life too long.. time for some pattern fun huh! x

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