#1618 Artspace is selling artist designed tee shirts to benefit up and coming artists

Photos: Karen Inderbitzen Waller

One Christmas, a few years ago, my mother decided to give all our relatives goats as gifts. Not in real life, but she bought goats for African villages in our relatives’ names. Despite having all the best intentions in the world, not everyone was enamoured of that charitable and thoughtful act. Sometimes people just want to unwrap something. So here’s one for all you unwrapping types: Artspace Tee Shirts. Featuring prints designed by New Zealand artists John Reynolds, Michael Harrison and Sean Kerr, the tee shirts are a new fundraising initiative by Artspace (a public gallery and charitable trust) – all profits will go directly into artists’ projects.

I was contacted a week ago to take part in the photoshoot for the first lot of Artspace Tee Shirts, and I said yes for two reasons: 1. Karen Inderbitzen Waller was the photographer; and 2. James Wallace (who I met at Michael Lett’s new gallery opening) told me that working as a fashion blogger was the “most frivolous occupation” he’d ever heard of in all his life. He also told me I knew nothing about contemporary New Zealand art. It suddenly occurred to me that he was quite possibly right on both counts. Let the education begin.

I’m joined in the photos by the lovely Veronica Crockford Pound and the handsome devil Henry Oliver (of D.O.C. bar). The incredibly cute kids are named Sunny and Serge, respectably. We’re wearing the Sean Kerr, Veronica is wearing the John Reynolds and Henry is wearing the Michael Harrison. Adult tees are $65 and kids tees are $49.

Do it for charity!


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