#1619 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for him, a personalised sweater

Photo: Fantastic Man

Full disclosure: I am a Baha’i, as is my immediate family, so when everybody around me is getting all excited about Christmas, I can sometimes start to feel a little like Kyle from South Park. We have our own version of Christmas called Ayyám-i-Há (pronounced Ah-yummy-ha) which runs from February 26 – March 1, but seeing as Baha’is are very much a minority, it doesn’t quite have the international significance of baby Jesus’ birthday. That said, I still give and receive the odd Christmas present, so for the next 19 days I’m going to showcase the best stuff I see in the hopes that it might inspire anybody who is worrying about what to get for their other half/boss/
mum/dad/best friend or (the toughest of all!) sister. First up, for your main man, you cannot go wrong with a sweater. Two years ago my girlfriend at the time gave me a maroon Comme Play sweater and it is still one of my favourite gifts of all time. The one above is by Hilfiger, but if you want something a little more personal, head down to your local wool shop (if you’re in Auckland I recommend Masco at Westfield Downtown) and commission the little old ladies to knit a sweater with the first letter of his name emblazoned on the chest. Instant win.


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