#1620 These & Those may have made the perfect white tee shirt

Photo: supplied

The perfect white tee shirt is the holy grail of clothing. For all anybody knows, it may not even exist, but it doesn’t stop us searching. My current favourite is the AS Colour Organic Cotton Tee in natural (slightly off white), but These & Those tee shirts came up on my radar this morning and they look to be a darn good alternative. I’ve gone through many a white tee shirt in my time, oversized worn under basketball jerseys (2003-5), massively scooped necks worn with skin tight jeans (2006-8), and standard slim fitting (2009-10). In my opinion, the ultimate in white tee shirt is the kind Tom Cruise wore in Top Gun or any soldier wears in any old army movie – short arms, short body, a little tight and boxy, the type of tee shirt you’d imagine a 1950s American high school kid wearing for gym class. These & Those have nailed it. Designed and made in Brooklyn, they’re like the cleaner East Coast version of American Apparel. And at only $18 a tee shirt, it can’t hurt to try them out.


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  1. anno says

    these look cool… i like the neckline. only thing is how do we get our hands on them? no shipping to NZ on there website?!

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