#1621 Karl Lagerfeld listened to Fat Freddy’s Drop while shooting the Pirelli Calendar

Photo: Freshness Mag

The annual Pirelli Calendar is the world’s most famous calendar for two reasons: the naked supermodels depicted on its hallowed pages, and its scarcity – only the most VIP of VIP Pirelli clients are given a copy. Every year a different photographer lends their unique aesthetic to the calendar. 2010’s edition featured girls like Lily Cole, Miranda Kerr and Eniko Mihalik in various states of undress with copious amounts of visual double entendres, as shot by Terry Richardson (extremely NSFW behind the scenes video here). This time round, Karl Lagerfeld took to the lens and shot the calendar with Greek mythology in mind (see above). A behind the scenes video from Lagerfeld’s shoot has just been released (see below, also NSFW), complete with interviews, still shots and interactions between the cast and crew on set. No good shoot is complete without a bit of music to jazz things up, and at precisely the 6:11 point, Fat Freddy’s Drop’s song The Raft can clearly be heard. GO THE KIWIS! I reckon those boys deserve their very own copy of the Pirelli Calendar.

Special thanks to Sean Kelly for the tip off and Connor Nestor for the song identification.


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  1. isaaclikes says

    Like I’ve always said, I have no issue with nudity per se, just an issue with young models being exploited or being shot topless unnecessarily. Especially when the concept is sold as ‘art’, or ‘career boosting’.

    When you’re at the absolute peak of your career like all the girls in the Pirelli calendars (and well over age to boot), you’re in a far better position to make decisions about which jobs you take. If those jobs involve nudity, and you consent, as a well informed and experienced adult, then there’s no problem as far as I can tell.

    But if you’re a young, new face model just starting out and excited about modelling and eager to please, you’re far less likely to make a good decision.

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