#1622 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for the person who’s got everything, a magazine subscription

Photos: Katherine Lowe

We all have one of those tedious people in our lives who is absolutely impossible to buy for. He or she is generally wealthy with far too many covetable possessions – an amazing car, a sweet house and an iPad on the kitchen table. But here’s what they might not have: a subscription to an amazing magazine that they didn’t even know they needed. It’s the gift that keeps on giving! (Plus, if you read all the way to the bottom and use the special Isaac Likes code, you’ll get 10% off subscriptions at Mag Nation! Hallelujah!) Seeing as I spend my entire life on the internet, I don’t often venture into the outside world to buy magazines. So I contacted Dayne Johnston (designer of Zambesi Man, and the guy I know who purchases more magazines than anybody I’ve ever met), to talk about a few of his favourite titles.

Fantastic Man is one of my all time favorite men’s fashion journals, I first found it when I was travelling to Europe quite a while ago. The magazine is published out of Amsterdam and I am in love with its typography, stock and aesthetic. It has the most beautiful shoots and the writing is very good – Willy Vandeperre and Tim Blanks are regular contributors. You never used to be able to purchase Fantastic Man in New Zealand and I would always look forward to getting a copy when I was in Europe but now it’s available here. I love the Super Show shoot in the latest Autumn/Winter issue, and the model George Barnett from the band These New Puritans is a favorite of mine.”

Dapper Dan is published entirely in black and white and is only up to its second issue but is very strong and has a style all of its own. Based out of London, it has the most beautifully designed layout and is a feast to the eye. I love the smell of the ink. The latest Autumn/Winter issue has a really interesting interview with Rick Owens.”

“I have been collecting i-D since I was 18 years old. I always look forward to buying it and find it such an inspiration – it’s filled with the most amazing talented people and showcases the brilliant energy of London. I was lucky enough to be featured in an issue last year when photographer Rebecca Thomas came out to do a story on New Zealand. i-D is always reinventing itself and changing and progressing and I love it for that. The latest issue has a very cool shoot with Kate Moss and an article on her second collection for Longchamp.”

“I don’t purchase Vogue Hommes Japan very often but when I found out New Zealand model Christopher Landon had been shot for the Autumn/Winter volume 5 issue I had to hunt it out.  The shoot with Christopher is very beautiful and it’s a big deal for a New Zealand model to be photographed in such a prestigious magazine. We shot Christopher for our current Zambesi Summer lookbook before he left for Europe and the States. This magazine is all in Japanese and it’s sometimes frustrating with no English translation but the pictures are incredible. It is perhaps one of the most expensive magazines to buy from NZ, retailing for $49!”

“I only discovered HERO recently and loved its energy – it’s based out of London and is full of shoots showcasing new talent. There are interviews with the male models at the back of the magazine describing their takes on the world of modeling. There are very few advertisements in this publication, I love the size of it and the paper stock is matte and very beautiful.”

And according to Dayne Johnston, other titles of note are:

032c – “This is a Berlin based publication, all in English and covers contemporary culture and fashion, I first bought this magazine in Berlin but you can find it at Mag Nation.”

APARTAMENTO – “I found this title in Colette in Paris, but it’s based out of Spain. It is more about interiors than fashion but great real life photos of houses and apartments and also available through Mag Nation.”

ARENA HOMME + – “This is dedicated to the world of men’s fashion and is one of those titles that has been running for a very long time. I have collected the first issues from the beginning.  Always big on fashion, this issue has an incredible shoot with Australian model Andrej Pejic.”

If you would like to purchase a magazine subscription for somebody you know, Mag Nation is offering a 10% discount to Isaac Likes readers. To redeem this special and possibly once in a lifetime offer, use the code ISAACLKS when buying the Christmas subscription online. (Most of the magazines mentioned above are available from Mag Nation.)

My recommendation would be Industrie – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the greatest magazine about fashion available today. Here’s a preview to their latest issue, via SlamXHype.



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  1. Lizardlovesgold says

    I’m with you Esther…beautiful pic of a beautiful man, a fantastic industrie man at that…. Katherine clearly has many talents.

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