#1623 It’s good to be Sasha Pivovarova

Photos: NY Times

Life is swell when a newspaper photographer can come over to your house and shoot you lounging around in your own clothes with your own stuff as the backdrop and the photos still come out looking good enough to be printed as an editorial in most fashion magazines. So it is for Sasha Pivovarova, who the New York Times describes as being, “beautiful, smart and utterly in love”. But wait, there’s more! She’s also a “talented artist” to boot, “for whom everything — even the walls of her bohemian Brooklyn loft — is a canvas.” And yes, even her artwork is awesome. I’ve observed Sasha Pivovarova backstage at a few shows, and she will literally sit there scribbling in a sketchbook for the duration of hair and makeup, while all the other girls are doing everything they can to ham it up for photographers. I think what I’m trying to say here, is: Sasha Pivovarova is really cool. See below.

Pivovarova’s husband Igor, also an artist, makes these leather-bound sketchbooks for her when she goes away.

Pivovarova made this doll in Paris out of room-service napkins and shopping bags.

The New York Times wasn’t lying – she literally has blackboards for walls.

She rescued this cat.

Pivovarova doesn’t just make giant three metre tall dolls, she also makes small ones too, like this one, which sits alongside her childhood stuffed toys.

Pivovarova’s sister made her this toy pony. Neigh!


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  1. nico says

    wow, she is amazing! she’s really talented unlike some slashes out there. and its nice to know that she has a visual eye. thanks for sharing!

  2. fashionwestie says

    emma, she’s beyond cool….we need a new word to be created just for her. but she’s so damn cool she’d probably come up with a cooler more creative word than i ever could.

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