#1625 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for me, a Comme des Garcons wallet

Photos: Katherine Lowe

I don’t own a wallet. I have seven cards stuffed into my back pocket at all times and I rarely carry cash. Back in my university years I had a beautiful brown leather Huffer wallet that was given to me by a friend, but one night another friend stole it and never gave it back (he still uses it to this day). But no wallet I have ever seen comes close to those made by Comme des Garcons. The aged maroon Comme wallet above belongs to Robert Niwa, who I spent the day with on set at the Crane Brothers shoot yesterday. He is what one might call an ardent Comme wallet fan. Photographer Karen Inderbitzen Waller relayed a story from when she was living in Australia some years ago: Robert was scheduled to visit her in Sydney, but the day came for him to arrive and he never showed up. When Karen phoned him to see what had happened, he confessed to having bought three Comme wallets with the money he was supposed to have spent on the flight. Those wallets may not have been filled with cash, but no doubt poverty never felt so good. Oh sweet baby Jesus I want one.

Robert Niwa with his perfectly-aged maroon leather Comme des Garcons wallet.

If you’re in Auckland, you can buy your very own Comme des Garcons wallet from Wunderkammer, Fabric and Scotties Boutique.


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