#1626 Baptiste Giabiconi is an X Man in his debut video clip

Male model, Karl Lagerfeld muse and burgeoning popstar Baptiste Giabiconi released his first catchy dance single Showtime a couple of months ago, but the music video just surfaced online today. Brace yourselves people, this one’s a goodie. Featuring Giabiconi as a Wolverine-type loner who cruises the desert on his hog, the video is like a heroic but literal representation of the lyrics, which state: “It’s showtime/ Turn it on gonna see me shine/ I won’t stop/ I’m the one starring in my life/ It’s go time/ Starting right now/ Watch me take a bow.” I think what he’s trying to say is that he’s going to rescue a beaten (but beautiful) girl from her abusive gas pump cowboy boyfriend, cause a few desert explosions with his mind, get so angry that his eyes turn black like an X Man and then take the girl to a roadside motel and get it on. Hey – he’s the one starring in his life, remember!?


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  1. Bobcat says

    Yeah that was with Natalie Cantell she does some cool stuff under the radar. And BTW she was almost killed by falling camera equipment on that shoot!

  2. Jruss says

    You know he was in Auckland earlier this year shooting something with that blonde girl from Clyne we saw them at the Langham. Hes scary goodlooking.

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