#1627 Kiwi model Bella Barber is dead but still makes out with Kanye West in his Monster video

Image: Katherine is Awesome

Kiwi expat Bella Barber has hit the big time, starring in Kanye West’s new video for Monster. There’s just one problem – she’s dead in the clip. The unhappy (but awesome) tidings were reported by Katherine Lowe of Katherine is Awesome last night, who noticed Kanye West cradling Barber’s face in his hands in the Monster preview just leaked online (see below). In the short, Kanye also attempts to use the lifeless Bella Barber’s hand to touch another dead model in a rather inappropriate place. Good times had by all. GO THE KIWIS!


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  1. Melinda says

    It’s sad that the ‘beautiful, young, dead women’ motif is now so common that I feel bored rather than shocked. Maybe the video is Kanye taking the **** out how tired the exploitation for shock value is.

    Nice to see Bella getting the big jobs though… I guess.

  2. becca says

    I used do the odd modelling job with this girl! So crazy to see her in Kanyes new clip! Go Bella, you are stunningly beautiful!!

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