#1629 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for him, Toggs togs

There are far too many examples of bad board shorts being worn on the beach for my liking. Every man older than 12 should have a respectable pair of swimming trunks as opposed to calf-length boardies emblazoned with 800,000 logos, slogans and ker-razy pockets. Toggs is an Australian company that specialises in good looking togs for men. They don’t do unnecessary, quirky details, just great colours, patterns and one awesome above-the-knee length. Girls, I reckon this is the perfect present for a brother, Dad, or ex-boyfriend you’re still friends with but don’t want to splurge on. Plus, you can tell all your friends you gave him crabs for Christmas. (Zing!) If you’re in Auckland you can pick up a pair from The Department Store, or you can order them online (they ship worldwide).


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  1. Giselle says

    Thanks Isaac just ordered the Vespa horizontal stripes for my hubby…! these are the next best thing to Vilebrequin.

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