#1630 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for everybody, sunglasses

Photos: Katherine Lowe

One of the more enjoyable afternoons this week was spent at Zus and Zo for the Sunglass Hut summer season launch. Between bites of blue cheese on brown bread, we were walked through a whole raft of summer sunglass options – from cool new Lennon-lookalike Raybans to classic Persols; 90s-esque uber-sport Pradas to big, round Audrey Hepburn/Olsen sister styles by Burberry. Pradas aside, my favourites were the Ray Bans and the Persols. (So good that heritage brands like Persol and Moscot are becoming available here in New Zealand.) The cheese was also a winner. As you’ll see below, I ate more than my fair share.



More Persols, accompanied by Samantha Shorter.

Olivia Hemus in Ray Bans.

Katherine rocking my favourite Ray Bans.

Atip Wananuruks, Olivia Hemus and myself, leaving the party.

Top photo: me and Rebecca Lawson in Persols.


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