#1632 What’s in store at Zambesi Man – Summer 10/11

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Zambesi is one of those labels that must intimidate a lot of men. It often intimidates me. Not just on a monetary level, but there’s this sense that you could walk into one of their stores and not understand the clothes if you don’t get obscure, indie references or dark, complex, Belgian designers. And that sense of not ‘getting it’ can be terrifying for a lot of people. So it was particularly interesting for me to go in and take a whole bunch of individual pieces home and create looks that I would actually wear day to day. Not crazy, avant-garde fashion looks, but simple, everyday outfits. Shorts and a longsleeve polo shirt or a navy suit with a pinstripe shirt or even just a pair of tailored pants with a white shirt. In the process, I found my new favourite thing: full-length, cuffed trousers. As much as I like showing a bit of ankle, there’s something to be said for wearing your pants the length they were designed. Who knew? Photos below.

All pieces above are by Zambesi except the rucksack, which is Baggu, the navy henley tee shirt, which is by Martin Margiela, the sweater (beneath the check jacket) which is by Raf Simons, the shoes, which are by Raf Simons and Loakes, and the socks, which are Country Road.

Special thanks to Dayne Johnston, designer of Zambesi Man, and Mark at Zambesi Man Newmarket for all the help.


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  1. Garlic says

    I really like what you have done. I don’t really go into Zambesi as I don’t “Get it” but I always see other people looking great in it. Maybe I need to ditch my insecurities – ka pai for helping x

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