#1634 The Checks are throwing the biggest party of the year this Friday night

Christmas parties are the best parties, and here’s why. School’s out for summer, exams are finished, work is just about done for the year, and Lord knows you need a giant blow out before the impending doom that is spending days and days alone with your family. The stress of it all! If you’re in Auckland, the biggest party of them all (this week at least) is The Checks Xmas Party. Starring rock’n’roll favourites The Checks and featuring People of Paris, Architect DJs, Street Chant, Pagan Summer and B.O.C’s, it’s on at The Kings Arms this Friday the 17th for $30 on the door or $20 presales. (The Ebenezer Scrooge in me says go for the presales.) I have a double pass to give away to the first person who can name at least three members of The Checks in the comments below. See you at the party!


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  1. em says

    i just know jacob coz he’s such a PARTAY ANIMAL!!! Saw him out the other night at cassettes!!! told me he would put me on the door, what a babe!!! lolz so i dont need a ticket, good luck guys!! xox em

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