#1637 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for the summer hater, a head to toe look

Strange as it may sound, summer isn’t for everybody. One of my best friends is leaving town this week for Europe, “To get away from all the sun and hot weather.” His favourite thing – not even kidding – is how London gets dark at four o’clock in the afternoon. Ridiculous! Another guy who has no love for the warmer months is photographer, brother of Katherine, Qubic retailer and Japanese streetwear/fixed gear enthusiast James K Lowe. His solution to the whole summer problem is to dress like it’s winter no matter how hot it gets. With that in mind, this is his ideal Christmas wishlist – a head to toe, warm weather-inappropriate outfit.

“Straight out of Japan, the Head Porter Plus Cross Stitch Beanie and Raglan Sweat in navy (comes in red too). Not something you’d usually find in New Zealand, or too far out of Japan for that matter. If you have weird cow licks then you won’t want to go without a beanie. This isn’t too heavy in weight, nor is it too light (but it still stops the fabric wrapping around your weirdly shaped head and showing off your afro hair underneath).”

“Classic blue button down oxford by Wings + Horns, triple stitch side seams and selvage detailing. Dreamy. Wings + Horns pieces are all made in Canada and Japan (this particular shirt is out of Japan).”

“Dropping my denim this summer I’ve gone to something a little lighter (although not quite shorts): APC corduroy pants. They’re light enough to roll to knee length.”

“Isaac always goes on about Vans. I used to hate them. Those black/white checkered slip-ons – Hideous! It’s taken me 10 years to come around to them, and now it’s all I wear. From their second highest tier line, California (after Syndicate), Old Skool reissues have ortholite soles (means you can wear them without socks and stop stinking up the room when you take them off). A must.”

“Infamous Holdfast straps. Brooklyn NYC. For your bike. None better. Now, anyone want to go riding with me??”

James K Lowe fighting summer.

All clothing from Qubic and Quarters Boutique, pedal straps from T.Whites Bikes.


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