#1639 Milk Underwear is the size-enhancing brainchild of a 21 year old Kiwi whiz kid

21 year old Aucklander Barnaby Marshall was a struggling musician living off the government’s Art’s Benefit when he went to get a fresh pair of underwear from his drawer one day. Not finding any, he headed down to the local department store to restock his supplies, only to discover that it was virtually impossible to buy a fresh pair of undies for less than $25. And thus, an idea was born. Marshall forged a relationship with a manufacturer in China and placed his first order. His labour of love, Milk Underwear, has just arrived in the country, and can be purchased online (with same or next day delivery) and in boutiques around Auckland. Each pair costs just $18, and features a clever front pouch panel with vertical seams that dramatically lifts and enhances. Methinks he might just be onto a winner with that one. And as you’ll see above and below, the Milk Underwear advertising images don’t shy away from the issue at hand. Not bad work for a 21 year old – I swear he’ll be a millionaire by the time he’s like… oh, I dunno, 25?


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  1. jim says

    very cool and no doubt this will be a huge hit. but cant help and notice these look just like Pierre Cardin Contrast range for $16. [95% cotton 5%elastane]

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