#1641 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide – for the art lover, a Gavin Hurley

Gavin Hurley paintings: Courtesy of Anna Bibby Gallery

Art is a fantastically daring but potentially risky gift to give for Christmas. So much could go right, but so much could go wrong. According to photographer/stylist Karen Inderbitzen Waller though, a Gavin Hurley is the ultimate Christmas present. Comme des Garcons wallets aside, I’d have to agree with her. I’m yet to meet someone who doesn’t absolutely love his work, and I’d quite like one myself. She says, “I have followed Gavin Hurley’s work for the last few years and am really coveting something of his to add to my collection. Whether it’s one of his collages or paintings I really don’t mind – I love it all! My wish list would usually also include new shoes and a photography or art book but since I just got both styles of Kate Sylvester’s new season Charming Man shoes and the Jeff Koons in Versailles book from my favourite store Flotsam & Jetsam, I cant help but now dream of owning a Hurley.” Well said. Here’s hoping.


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  1. noodist says

    Fantastic! Be good if you did a Christmas Countdown on Nood in Newmarket. Flagship store, everything is cheap, and Felix Tepstra works there. Double whammy.

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