#1644 The facts of life

1. Having a party at your house always seems like such a good idea when you’ve done a beautiful job decorating it and nobody has turned up yet. As soon as the crowds come, the pain begins. I threw one on Saturday night – noise control showed up three times, I narrowly avoided getting a $600 fine and some guy peed on the living room floor. The moral of that story is: save yourself the panic attacks. Don’t do it.

2. The American version of The Office is amazing. I never gave it a chance because it seemed to pale in comparison to the British original, but once you get to know the characters, you’ll find it’s far better than you ever imagined. (That’s what she said.)

3. For every good gift you receive this Saturday, you’re bound to get at least three not-so-good ones. Be gracious at all times – you never know who’s going to walk in on you complaining about that pair of Crocs.

4. I’ve just flown into Christchurch and seen my baby niece for the first time in months. She turns one on Wednesday, can’t crawl or stand up by herself, but can speak about 30 words with remarkable ability. She pretty much sums up my entire family: loquacious with weak legs.

5. GQ Rules is back, teaching hapless men how to dress, drink, decorate, dine and dazzle. Get in on the action. It’s worth it just to see the inside of Glenn O’Brien‘s house.

6. Did anybody else find The Social Network incredibly inspiring? Sure Mark Zuckerberg might have stolen his ideas, and sure he might have sold out his best friend, and sure he might have acted like a misogynistic jerk at some points, but it sure extolled the virtue of being single minded in your pursuits. I haven’t felt so amped up by a movie since watching Point Break in 1996 (and at least once annually ever since).

7. New Zealand’s Christopher Landon appears in an upcoming Mariano Vivanco/Dolce and Gabbana photography book titled Uomini (it means men in Italian). Judging by its cover, a more appropriate title might have been Uomini Nudi (naked men). Landon is featured on the D&G owned Swide website today in an interview named Behind my Nudity. In it, he reveals that his favourite film is The Dreamers and his favourite part of a woman’s body is her eyes. Check it out here, but beware, it’s potentially NSFW.

8. I’m not sure if I agree with the Sunday Star Times ruling Steve Dunstan and Marc Moore New Zealand’s hottest couple, but they’re definitely the cutest.

9. Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder are the hottest celebrity couple of all time.

10. Carry mistletoe at all times.


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  1. says

    I love the american version of The Office. My brother said that it looked a little boring when he catched clips of it whilst I was watching it but once he got used to it and fell for the characters he was having a episode marathon each day, haha.
    I watched The Social Network a whilst back and I lovedlovedloved it. I especially loved Eduardo’s character. Or maybe because I believe Andrew Garfield is my long lost husband. Either way I was in love.

  2. oldgirl says

    oh my god I love Point Break too, watch it at least once a year and the strange thing is I do not like the actors at all in it …Strange..the other movie I watch ever year is Into The Wild, always makes me think about life etc…………have a great xmas Isaac..may see you again for I.D

  3. Elizaj Rutter says

    Holy heck it’s Chris Landon! Went to school with this young chap, but haven’t seen him in yonks. Looks like all those commercials he did back in the day (Farmers? Kmart? Can’t remember) finally paid off tehe. I can’t help but find this quite amusing as I still remember him as he was back at school-but hey, even then everyone was crushing on him.

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