#1650 The Christmas Countdown Gift Guide according to Luke Harwood of Stolen Girlfriends Club

Photos: supplied

1. Acne Compass Bomber – “I’m thinking a future trip to NYC here…”

2. Dash Snow (RIP) collage from his series The End of Living, The Beginning of Survival – “Loved Dash Snow’s work especially Death Penalty for Turning to Jesus. This is the third Christmas I’ve wished… Since his passing I see it becoming further out of reach.”

3. La Gras Lamp – “These are the coolest things ever. Designed by Bernard-Albin Gras in 1921. Simple yet classic, something you have forever. I want the chrome/black offering!” (Available from Simon James)

4. Rick Rubin In The Studio – “Love the man’s work, his fundamentals and the great people he has produced for.”

5. Stolen Girlfriends Club Tenderizer Ring – “Legit Heavy Metal.”

6. Vans Classics – “Van’s Old Skools: favorites for summer, skating, surfing, beer drinking – good for general thrashing!!”

7. Vintage Vivienne Westwood tee shirt – “This print is way cool.”

Luke Harwood is the Creative Director of Stolen Girlfriends Club. He lives in a big black house overlooking the water in Auckland with his mega-babe wife Gabby. Prior to starting the label, he was a pro surfer, and worked on collaborations with Vans and Zambesi. Plus he grows a damn fine beard.


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