#1654 Sweet irony, the ugly sweater just got cool

Photo: David Farrier

Our Northern neighbours currently battling less than pleasurable temperatures have found a new but old way of keeping themselves warm and entertained this Christmas, with the return of the ugly sweater. Only this time, they’re no longer a source of humiliation, they’re a source of instant style cachet. Store owners in the East Village, Brooklyn and other hipster hotspots are bemoaning their lack of ugly sweater stock, while hipsters themselves are throwing ugly sweater parties with more gusto than ever before. According to the Wall Street Journal, snowflakes and reindeer are popular motifs, as are jingling bells and electronic lights. This dedicated online store boasts “Hideously Ugly Christmas (and Hanukkah!) Sweaters for Sale”.

The ugliest Christmas sweater in New Zealand belongs to TV3’s intrepid entertainment and technology reporter, David Farrier, courtesy of Unicef. In an effort to boost charitable donations, the aid organisation’s Christmas campaign instructs all to ‘SAY NO TO NAFF’ presents, in favour of gifts of education, clean water and medical supplies to developing nations.

Ironically, the quickest way to boost charitable donations may have been to retail the ‘SAY NO TO NAFF’ ugly Christmas sweater itself. But until that happens, we’ll just all have to gaze longingly at the above picture of David Farrier.

Brian Philippoi, quoted in the WSJ piece, said the key with ugly sweaters is, “You have to show it who’s boss.” I think we can all agree that David Farrier does just that.

Click here to donate a gift of education or play to children in developing nations.

Click here to donate a gift of water to developing nations.

Click here to donate a gift of immunization to children in developing nations.

Merry Christmas everybody.


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