#1660 It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Welcome to 2011! Exciting isn’t it. The start of a new year is a magical time, filled with the promise of change and the panic that comes with attempting to realise those resolutions that seemed so achievable on paper but which aren’t so simple in practice. When I was working as a booker in 2007/2008, the start of the year was always the time when models would switch agencies in the hopes of breathing new life into their fledgling, booming or declining careers. The change didn’t generally make much of a difference in the grand scheme, but it seemed to do wonders for their perspectives. My resolutions for 2011 are simple: blog better, travel further and read less crap online. But most importantly, to keep moving forward. Thanks for reading everybody, happy new year!

I’m wearing my Uniqlo short sleeve oxford cloth button down which I bought in Paris, an AS Colour pocket tee, brand new Crane Brothers beige pants version 2.0 (gift) – note the fuller leg and tab closing, and maroon Chuck Taylors. The glasses are Ray Bans (gift).


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