#1662 The facts of life

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1. Women the world over swear by Sex and the City. I swear by Entourage. But being the open minded young man that I am, I decided to give SATC a go. Two seasons in, I have reached a conclusion: Carrie Bradshaw makes me want to stab out my own eyeballs!

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2. Converse has made the perfect pair of summer sneakers. They’re called the First String Matchpoint and they are the jam. Buy them online from Oi Polloi or in Auckland from Qubic.

3. Trends that I hope will die in 2011: drop-crotch/harem pants. They nasty!

4. Lady Gaga has just made the unicorn cool again by including it on the cover of her soon-to-be-released album Born This Way. But let’s not forget who was throwing up the unicorn way back in September ’10. Credit where credit’s due, people.

5. I’m going to Europe and the States for seven weeks this Saturday! And I’m freaking out!

6. Our first stop is Los Angeles. Alexi Wasser from ImBoyCrazy.com (the inspiration behind these facts of life posts) lives in Los Angeles. Katherine and I love Alexi Wasser. And so for the past two days, I’ve been stalking her nonstop trying to get her to hang out with us in LA. So far, there’s been no response. But I’m still holding out hope. What’s ten unanswered emails between soon-to-be friends?

7. Is it too much to ask for a simple brown corduroy jacket that doesn’t cost like $500? Why is corduroy so damn expensive!?

8. I finally picked up the periwinkle blue sweater I had knitted by the lovely ladies at Masco Wools in Westfield Mall Downtown, and it’s exactly what I wanted but half a size too small. Wearing it makes me look like a gay smurf but I’m kind of into it. Photographic evidence here.

9. If you haven’t already started playing Bananagrams on Facebook, get in the game. You can literally feel your brain expanding.

10. A reader recently asked me if I had ever encountered racism in the New Zealand fashion industry. The short answer is, no, not personally. I’d like to think that we have one of the more progressive industries here in NZ. We have successful Maori models like Ngahuia Williams, Tia Woods and Grace Hobson who front campaigns and are often seen in TV commercials and the like, and though we have a tiny African population, black models have always done fairly well here too. The two groups that seem underrepresented per capita are Pacific Islanders and Asians, but come Fashion Week you generally do see a few Chinese or Korean girls in the mix. Do you think the New Zealand fashion industry is racist?


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  1. Anonymous says

    Not racist I don’t reckon. But in my opinion a lot of agencies have Asian models ‘just to show that they are diverse’. It’s more like tokenism I reckon. And usually with Maori models, they have very mixed blood so they look Maori but have more European facial features. That’s why I love Danielle Hayes, she has a very unique Maori look.

  2. Fashionforartssake says

    bloody Carrie- such a uninspiring insipid creature. Some INCREDIBLE sartorial moments though, it has to be said. A counter-feminist, always wimpering at the altar of Big, always holding out for a man’s validation. Gawd…I sound soo Mirinda (but that can’t be a bad thing, she is the true star of SATC)

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