#1669 One last day in LA

It’s been fun here in Los Angeles, but all those hours spent in the car do get a bit frustrating, so we’ve decided to switch the freeway for the subway and tomorrow we fly to London. Highlights from the visit include: drinks at the Roosevelt Hotel where the ice cubes are as big as your fist; the navy duffel coats on sale at A.P.C. – $850 in Auckland, $302.50 here; Katherine falling asleep at 24/7, the restaurant at The Standard hotel in Hollywood (they weren’t so hospitable as to offer her a room); and celebrity spotting on Santa Monica Boulevard. But the ultimate LA moment and possibly the most exciting four minutes and 47 seconds of my life came in the form of a phone call from Alexi Wasser aka imboycrazy.com – she is exactly the same in conversation as she is in her Dude of the Day videos. SO GOOD! It just goes to show – bombarding someone with 34 emails in two days can only end in success.

My chicken quesadilla at Urth Caffé (an Entourage favourite).

Craft on La Cienega, servicing all your rustic Americana needs.

Opening Ceremony, also on La Cienega, which is enormous and jammed with great shoes and weird and wonderful collaborations including an all new Tron: Legacy series.

And my final message to LA:


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