#1684 Mark McNairy just launched a new collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Mark McNairy is the undisputed heavyweight king of the menswear blogosphere. The guy is so hot right now, he could take a pair of Crocs, add a Vibram sole and sell it to those in the knowest of the know as a viable alternative to their Red Wings. Today in Milan saw the launch of the designer’s first collection for Woolrich Woolen Mills. Held in an airy space behind a courtyard off Via Buenos Aires, the set included a rustic canvas tent complete with trestle tables and buffet (the Woolrich ‘Low Carbon Canteen’), and walls adorned with text spelling out exactly what sparked McNairy’s love affair with clothes. Spoiler: it had a lot to do with Heartland rock, punk rock and whine rock; and never wanting to work in sales again.

A few observations on the collection:

1. This stuff is far poppier than the classic Americana I was expecting, it’s like Americana meets Japana (yes, I just made that word up).

2. There are definite hints of Thom Browne in the mix, most obviously in the plaid-on-plaid-on-plaid outfit.

3. The patchwork duffel coats would go down a treat in my wardrobe.

4. Some of the trousers aren’t actually trousers, but sweatpants. I cannot advocate men wearing sweatpants, no matter how comfortable they might feel on the buttocks and/or thighs.

5. Mac coats (like the tan one below) are all kinds of awesome.

6. Mark McNairy is a super cool guy. I asked him what he was going to do in Milan and he said “Shop.” Then I asked him where he’s going next, and he said, “Venice, and then Paris on the overnight train.” Having suffered a demoralising burglary on an overnight train from Italy to Paris, I instructed him to keep his valuables down his (possibly sweat) pants. He took it well. That earns him a nod in my books.

Me and Mark McNairy.


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