#1689 Drama at Mugler

Photos: Katherine Lowe

If you’re a fan of young men whose torsos, arms, hands, faces and scalps are entirely covered in tattoos; models dripping with crude oil; bum freezer jackets or the colours blue, black and orange, then Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer’s first show for Mugler was for you. As the man responsible for creating Lady Gaga’s legendary style, Formichetti knows a thing or two about visual drama. He did it tonight with the casting – inked or greased up boys, the ethereal veils that floated as they walked past, and the thumping music, curated by Ms Gaga herself (though sadly, she didn’t make a personal appearance).

The overall feeling? A little fetishistic, a little strange and a little hard to wrap one’s head around on first glance – much like Lady Gaga herself. Judging by those standards, one can only assume it’ll be a platinum selling success.

Rick Genest.

Nicola Formichetti and Romain Kremer.


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  1. Jonathan says

    I felt like the entire show was an editorial shoot; it just wasn’t a cohesive collection. Narrow this whole collection to your 12 favourite looks and expect to see this in Numero Homme.

    Nicola, who I have met personally is an amazing stylist and visionairy. Each piece in this collection is worthy of being sold individually but from an industry perspective, from an artist perspective it was like throwing butter and flour in a bowl and calling this collection a wedding cake.

    I love their effort and believe me I know how much pressure, stress, time and anxious they are and people are open to their open opinions but it seemed like they had a thousand ideas and ended up using 999 of them.

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