#1691 Louis Vuitton breaks all the rules and still wins

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Besides the clothes, the most exciting thing about going to a Louis Vuitton show is the celebrity spotting. The Louis Vuitton Don, Kanye West, always makes an appearance, and he’s often accompanied by fellow hip hop all-star Pharrell Williams. Sadly, today there was no sign of either, but when Marc Jacobs took his bow (dressed in a kilt no less), the diamond earring he wore glittered magnificently in the spotlight. It was the closest thing we saw to a star all day.

Wearing black and brown together is generally regarded as one of the cardinal sins of fashion, but at Louis Vuitton, the rule was thrown out the window. Black suits were worn with tan leather gloves, while a dark sheepskin coat came paired with rich, tobacco-coloured corduroy pants. That wasn’t all – those daring colour combos even extended to a bright orange with a dusty aubergine. And it was amazing.

Mixing the unmixable was a recurrent theme – it came through in a blazer with kilt-like pleating, a woolen coat with a puffer vest or a preppy-yet-punk layering system with upside-down tops hanging from beneath cropped jackets.

A brand like Louis Vuitton doesn’t need to be innovative. The leather business alone must bring in enough revenue to power multiple small nations, and that’s what makes this menswear offering all the more impressive. I’m into it.


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  1. Jenny says

    Love the pleated jacket and the woolen jacket-coat with rounded leather collar. Not so sure about the upside-down tops hanging from coats and jackets. Interesting concept – awkward to wear and carry off.

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