#1692 Gaultier, Jean Paul Gaultier: licensed to thrill

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Themes at a Jean Paul Gaultier show are taken very seriously, and extremely literally. Titled James Blonde, the designer’s offering for Fall 2011 was a campy, tongue in cheek and feminine take on the world’s favourite superspy.

Taking on the iconic Bond outfit, the tuxedo, Gaultier reinvented it in a plethora of fresh and fruity manifestations. These included suave from the front, but stripped away at the back; straight up the top, but maxi-skirted down below; worn with thigh skimming short shorts; or my personal favourite, tucked into wetsuit pants. James Bond does, after all, always comes out of the water perfectly dry and dressed to kill.

Shirley Bassey’s Gold Finger heralded the finale, and in true Gaultier form, the song came accompanied by a whole series of gold foil-coated looks. Australian king of androgyny Andrej Pejic closed the show in an extravagant tiger-striped fur, with golden gun and lips to match.

A little humour goes a long way, and Gaultier’s shows are unfailingly the most entertaining of the whole menswear season. But seriously now, any man who can make wetsuits palatable wins a gold star in my books.


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  1. Jenny says

    Well – what can one say? I’d like to see someone in the real world wearing some of these combinations!! And is that the man himself in the final photo? What a let-down! But what fun!

  2. nico says

    well this is a different image from the macho superspy we know. its definitely different! also, i notice that some looks for fall have that combo of wet and dry elements. anyway, wetsuit + suit = hamish bowles hanging out with blake lively for vogue!

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