#1696 Raf Simons’ Fall 2011 collection may not go into production

Photo: SlamXHype

Potentially devastating news for Raf Simons: as of today, the designer’s namesake company and its global master licensee, Futurepresent, have suspended business relations. In an email sent out this afternoon to all Raf Simons clients, Futurepresent CEO Stefano Martinetto announced that the business relationship will be suspended for the Fall/Winter 2011-2012 collection, and that all buying appointments were therefore cancelled.

“It is with great regret that we are obliged to announce that the collaboration between Futurepresent s.r.l. and Mr. Raf Simons will be suspended for the A/W 2011-12 collection. Unfortunately we therefore have no choice but to cancel all Raf Simons AW 2011-12 appointments at our showroom… We can confirm that we will proceed with the SS11 production deliveries. In the mean time we thank Mr. Simons and the present and past members of his design team for these years of intense and inspiring collaboration and would also like to take this opportunity to express our extreme gratitude for your support from 2005 until today.”

Raf Simons is scheduled to show his Fall 2011 offering tomorrow night 9:00pm Paris time. According to reports from company reps this will still go ahead, but one can only assume that with all buyers’ appointments cancelled, unless a third party steps in, the collection itself will not go into production.

Conspiracy theorists searching for distress signals won’t have to look far – Raf Simons’ Fall 2011 show is named Dead Prince College, and the invitation bears the words “FALL OF THE PRINCE”.

Here’s hoping for the best.

UPDATE: According to sources, the collection is now being wholesaled out of Milan and will be put into production.


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  1. Mike says

    Personally, I think this is good for Raf. How could you assume this would last literally forever? Change can be a great thing and for Raf, he should embrace it. If he wants to continue another 10 years in the fashion business, he really needs to look at some shakeup. What he has succeeded mostly is his mainline, not his Raf by Raf Simons. You get the feeling that there’s not much personal care about this than his meticulous mainline.

    Whilst it also adds to his philosophy and allure, his collections are costly. Costly to put into production without greater return. Raf Simons’ clothes are finally available in Sydney through Melbourne’s Harrolds but the way its presented makes it untouchable. I thought Raf always wanted his clothes worn by the generation he has always loved and not for bankers?

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