#1697 A list of 11 Peculiarities at Comme des Garcons

1. Teased and permed strawberry blonde wigs, with no attempt whatsoever to disguise the fact that they were, in fact, fake hair.

2. Full, floor-length skirts worn surprisingly well by young men.

3. Models coming out at odd intervals. Not just to be quirky or different, but because the casting at CDG shows is always a little lean. Most designers choose 20-30 boys to showcase 35-45 odd looks on, this show featured 11 with multiple changes. Sometimes they just couldn’t come out as quickly as might be expected. But that’s okay, it just added to the atmosphere.

4. Pants so baggy you could fit seven legs in them.

5. Vintage-look clothing that really does look (and quite possibly is) old, including tee shirts emblazoned with images of what looked to be 90s R’n’B bands.

6. Intricately patterned Chinese silk nighties worn as daywear.

7. In the foyer, a group of diehard Comme fans who wore brightly coloured woolen hats like little garden gnomes.

8. No bow at end of the show – like usual, Rei Kawakubo stayed out of sight. You don’t get much more humble, or subversive, than that.

9. Models who took their time on the catwalk. At any other show, they adopt a serious forward lean and charge down the runway. At Comme des Garcons, the boys dawdled like only the cool can.

10. Classical singing was played at a moderate level, which allowed for other noises to permeate the room. You could hear the photographers clicking and the clinking of coat hangers on racks as the models changed outfits.

11. By the end of it, you really wanted to own one of those skirts.


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