#1706 Quelle surprise! Inside Colette’s €20 pick’n’mix bags

Against all better judgement – but really because Kate Moss was in the store at the same time as me and I wanted to look like one of the cool kids who actually buys something from Colette instead of just wandering around touching things – this afternoon, I purchased one of Colette’s €20 ($35.70 NZD) Surprise bags. Not so surprising, however, was the discovery that it was filled with things I probably wouldn’t have bought had they not come from Colette and had Kate Moss not been in the store. I don’t know what it is about that shop, but it really does have the power to make you feel better about yourself if you drop some money on anything they’ve deemed cool. On a side note, I also had the exceptionally clever idea to blog the big reveal, thus making the purchase a potentially tax-deductible expense. (Are you there IRD? It’s me Isaac!)

The seal has been broken…

The bag opened…

Sneaking a peek…

The big reveal!

And the Surprise? A talking alarm clock shaped like an apple, a lip balm shaped like a cupcake, a smaller than usual apple Chupa Chups lollipop, a mini bag of Haribo sweets, an empty tin shaped like Mr Blobby, two airless balloons reading: Happy 2011! and a container of Silly Bandz.

Quelle surprise!


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  1. Wellrevered says

    Totally wish I would have seen this before buying
    A surprise bag of my own. Mine was even more
    Underwhelming than this one, it seems…. It really
    Seemed to be a great idea at the time. I imagined
    Myself getting some sort of golden ticket inside
    That would be good for a lifetimes’ worth of Pierre

  2. Jennyhm says

    Quelle surprise indeed!!
    Notwithstanding, I found the slow photo reveal delightful so thankyou for the vicarious pleasure I got from this blog. Looking forward to more surprises!

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