#1707 Justin Wu and Tommy Ton teamed up to make this hilarious video of male models singing and dancing

Fashion filmmaker, photographer, Canadian and all around nice guy Justin Wu has done it again, teaming up with streetstyle sharp shooter (and fellow Canadian) Tommy Ton to create another one of his fantastical all singing, all dancing, behind-the-scenes-at-fashion-week video sensations. Set to the tune of The Dandy Warhols’ Bohemian Like You, and featuring just about every male model under the sun – from Mark Cox to Robbie Wadge, Francisco Lachowski to David Gandy and Adrian Bosch to Simon Nessman – I’d advise you to crank up the volume, jump out of your seat and join the festivities. But please be advised: doing so will most likely be NSFW.


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  1. Rebeccah says

    So there’s more diversity in the Justin Wu video than either of the fashion weeks you’ve been to so far? Maybe that’s why I like the video best!

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