#1711 Aujourd’hui à Paris (which, when said in French, rhymes)

Now that the shows have finished, there’s a whole lot of free time to sight-see and run around town and eat street treats (Nutella crepes) and visit museums. So that’s what we did today.

First up Palais de Tokyo, where the Chocolat chaud Viennois held more appeal, I’m embarrassed to say, than the art, and thus we never actually made it past the cafe.

Then, after bad apple Katherine Lowe stole from Chanel, we walked back up the hill to the Iena Metro station. This, to me, is the classic Paris tourist photo.

And this was taken at the same spot, it’s my favourite set of stairs in the city.


Then on to the Louvre, where we spent an hour inside the Italian renaissance section, perfect for checking out the sculptures (Katherine couldn’t take her eyes off the nudes).

There were also a few paintings to be seen. (My favourites were the Botticellis and the Raphaels.) After we left the building, we donated our tickets to an Australian couple who looked at us with extreme dubiousness until we assured them that we were simply paying it forward. In my experience, most people are terrified of anybody who tries to do something nice. It’s unnerving.

Thanks to the good people who make Blackberry telephones, there’s always a game to be played or an email to be written – anything to avoid human interaction, or getting bored while waiting for trains.

Because sometimes it’s hard not to get bored while waiting for trains.


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