#1717 The facts of life

Photo: Terry Richardson for Opening Ceremony

1. I am in desperate need of a denim jacket. It’s a thought that’s been consuming me for a while now, but the time has come – the forbidden fruit must be tasted. This one is from the Opening Ceremony X Levi’s Spring collection which just debuted online, shot by Terry Richardson and worn particularly well by PJ Ransome (the girl is Anais Pouliot, my favourite female model). Here’s the thing though: At the time of writing, it’s negative four degrees in New York. What is up with every single retailer launching their Spring collections in store when it’s still freezing outside? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills!

2. PJ Ransome’s quiff bears a striking resemblance to those worn by the male cast members in Jersey Boys, which Katherine and I saw on London’s West End two days ago. It was a good time. There’s nothing like a musical matinee to perk up your day. Who knew that Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons wrote such classics as Can’t Take My Eyes off You and Oh What a Night alongside Walk Like a Man and Big Girls Don’t Cry? Not me, anyway.

3. Anouk Rondel is back!

4. Everybody needs to read + YOU KNOW YOU CAN’T ROME WITHOUT CESAR + and tell me if I’m crazy or if it actually is the most entertaining model blog of all time. Cesar Casier is a flamboyant (and very successful) Belgian boy who refers to himself in the third person and blogs non stop about his loves, his desires, and his fabulous life on the road. For example (and this is copy and pasted word for word): “People say money cant buy happiness but I don’t think that’s a hundred percent correct… So if I would have all the money in the world I would buy all these things and I’m sure it would make Ceesie a happier men: A private yet, would make traveling much easier ;-)”

5. Full respect to anybody who travels constantly and manages to stay fit, healthy and skinny. Eating in restaurants and/or on planes is a recipe for inch-laden disaster.

6. The blogosphere got all up-in-arms about Vogue Italia Editor-in-Chief Franca Sozzani’s blog post referring to bloggers as an epidemic, and how it revealed her true character as a big old bitter meanie. But if you actually read the piece, you’ll find that most of her points were aimed at those flash-in-the-pan, 15-minute-seeking, do-or-wear-anything-to-get-attention style bloggers, and not the older, more established guard who actually do have something to say for themselves. (Many of her points, in fact, were similar to what was commented on my post Where have all the bloggers gone? last week.) And the thing is, she’s probably right. Sure it’s never nice to liken people to influenza, but what’s so bad about saying that people should pay their dues and that people should have an opinion and that we, the critical masses, should wait a minute before acclaiming bloggers The Great White Hope of the fashion world?

7. So, 127 Hours was great, besides that god-awful cutting off of the arm scene, which made me gag. I think it’s safe to declare James Franco a better actor than author. Too easy? Maybe, but too bloody true.

8. I still haven’t seen Black Swan, but I’m hearing some very mixed (ie negative) reports. Is it actually good?

9. Dover Street Market, on the other hand, deserves every single piece of glowing publicity it has ever received, but how can any non multi-millionaire afford to buy anything there? HOW?

10. Alexi Wasser, if you’re reading this, hi, I’m in LA, wanna hang?


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  1. J000 says

    All the dancers in Mao’s last dancer (well the Chinese ones anyway) are dancers that the director found that could happen to act rather than the other way around – i.e. Black Swan.

    Still think that given they only had a year’s training, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman did remarkably well

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