#1722 With patched pants, you can look good and feel smug all at the same time

J Crew Spring 2011. Photo: The Fashionisto

Clothes should be bought to last. As much as I love the democracy of fast fashion, buying something cheaply that you expect to throw away quickly doesn’t make much sense to me. What does make sense is wearing something to death, then repairing it once it’s broken and holey. That way, not only can you feel self righteously Bono-like in your non-planet-harming consumption of clothing, but you also get the joys of personalised garments – like patched trousers. And patched trousers, like sweaters with elbow patches before them, are my latest obsession.

Disclaimer: If, however, you want to skip the lengthy process of wearing the pants to a patch-necessary point, but like the look so much that you want them regardless, you have two options: buy some new pants and patch them yourself, or go to J Crew and buy them ready-made.

They look so good, I wouldn’t blame you if you did.


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