#1726 Duckie Brown’s funny fashion

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Before a packed house that included Bill Cunningham, Miss Jay and Mark Indelicato of Ugly Betty fame, this afternoon Duckie Brown offered their suggestions for what might come next in American menswear. These included baggy grey suit pants with giant pleats that folded over from one leg to the other, boucle sweatshirts, fisherman’s jerseys with seriously restricted arm movement and a curious coat, worn by Bronx local Yuri Pleskin, that featured a crushed fabric print (no amount of ironing will save that one).

The multitude of quirk was weighed down by their two most conservative designs: a skinny three button blazer and a classically beautiful coat that came in single and double breasted varieties. All that was missing on the latter was a set of buttons. Mr Cunningham obviously sensed Duckie Brown’s humour – he could be seen grinning throughout, from the first model to the last.


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  1. fashion westie says

    I’d wear it all…epecially since the name is awesome. Duckie Brown.

    “Whatcha wear-in’?”

    “Dude, Duckie Brown.”
    *Knowing eyebrow raises all round*

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