#1737 Emily Baker is walking plenty more shows this week, including several whose names she can’t remember

Photo: Katherine Lowe

When we caught up with Kiwi model-made-good Emily Baker (who is now showing up on every man and their dog’s blog as the top new-face girl of New York Fashion Week), she was sitting on the floor post-show at Alexander Wang, surveying the madness before her eyes. Despite this being her first international fashion week, the girl from Matamata is staying surprisingly calm, no doubt due to the support she’s receiving from her Dad Greg, who’s here in the city to chaperone.

When asked what else she’d booked this week, she mentioned a couple of designers, then stopped, wondering if she’s mispronounced a name. “I’m not very good with the names,” she laughed, but regardless, the list was impressive. A reporter from Grazia approached and asked what she does to prepare for fashion week. She shrugged. “I don’t know – this is my first one!”

That wide-eyed innocence will no doubt be gone within a couple of weeks: Baker is doing the entire Fashion Week circuit – London, Milan and Paris – so this time next month she’ll be a seasoned pro. But for the moment, she’s still a small town girl in the big city. Last we saw, Baker and her Dad were attempting to hail a taxi down 10th Avenue. They didn’t appear to have much luck, but then again, neither did we.



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