#1738 The Band of Outsiders show was awesome, and here’s why

Photos: Katherine Lowe

Band of Outsiders Fall 2011 will forever be remembered as the show at which I met Kanye West. So in my books, it was pretty much the greatest event of all time. But there were also other reasons for it being so awesome.

They include:

1. Delicious lemon cookies on each seat (little known fact – Band of Outsiders designer Scott Sternberg writes his own cookie blog).

2. Kid Cudi being present, and extremely cool (we chatted briefly about How To Make It In America, which begins filming again in March – holla!).

3. Donald Glover tweeting all sorts of hilarious things about his seatmates.

4. Anna Wintour and Tavi Gevinson sitting right next to each other and sporting surprisingly similar haircuts.

5. Kirsten Dunst looking fly.

6. Models descending from the rafters on abseil ropes.

7. Pendleton Blanket-esque ponchos.

8. Tobacco coloured corduroy.

9. A ridiculously long song by The Doors.

10. Crazy lightning lighting.

11. A turtleneck sweater worn by Alex Dunstan that looked like something straight out of 127 Hours.

12. Navajo inspired knitwear.

13. Did I mention I met Kanye West?


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