#1745 The facts of life

Photo: Katherine Lowe

1. I went to Le Bain at The Standard last night with three goals: to talk to Kanye West, to hug Derek Blasberg and to pull the thumbs up in Terry Richardson’s general direction. But seeing as I didn’t actually encounter any of the aforementioned, the night was an epic failure. To compensate, I hugged the doorman, high fived Leigh Lezark and the rest of the Misshapes and rapped along to American Boy and Monster with Katherine and Jenna Sauers. I guess it wasn’t all bad.

2. Speaking of the parties, New York City is really all about being on the list. I’ve seen models and editors and stylists and photographers and even designers turned away from bars for simply not having clicked the RSVP button in their emails. It’s like being in Berlin all over again. NB: Always click the RSVP button.

3. As you can see above, I met Alexander Wang very briefly yesterday afternoon at his store opening in Soho. (It has a fox fur hammock hanging in the middle.) He’s much taller than you’d expect. And very smiley.

4. You might also notice above that I am wearing something different from normal. It’s a woollen shirt jacket from Jack Spade. It cost $125 on sale and I haven’t taken it off in four days, nor am I planning to anytime soon.

5. My lifelong friend Nabil Azadi is 19 and brilliant and interviewed Rick Owens for SlamXHype as well as somebody twice his age. As much as interviewing just seems like asking someone a whole bunch of questions and listening politely as they respond, it’s actually a real skill. You have to build a rapport with the subject and make them feel comfortable enough to open up and tell you something other than a superficial – or worse – one word answer. So kudos to him.

6. One more show and then my New York Fashion Week is officially wrapped! It’s Calvin Klein Women’s and I’m expecting big things.

7. I got a sneak preview of the Little Brother for Barkers Winter collection last night and it includes a duffel coat and a Barbour-esque jacket alongside turtleneck sweaters, button down shirts and a cute cardigan (it’s navy with a pale blue edging detail, so yes, cute). When are they going to start selling that brand internationally?

8. Have you seen my new Tumblr? Go look at my new Tumblr!


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