#1756 Zambesi gave Emily Baker her first campaign

Photos: Marissa Findlay

Months before Emily Baker made her debut on the international catwalks for Prada, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein and Dolce and Gabbana, she was still in New Zealand doing the rounds with our top local designers. Zambesi was quick to notice her potential, and snapped her up for their Fall 2011 campaign, alongside longtime Zambesi Man model Josh Skelton. “When we booked Emily Baker for this campaign we knew we were onto a good thing,” says Zambesi designer Dayne Johnston. “This was her first campaign and she moved so effortlessly in front of the camera and under [photographer] Marissa Findlay’s guidance she shone. We also shot her for the lookbook and she was so professional to work with, the shoot went on for many hours and at the end of the day Emily was still full of energy and nothing seemed to phase her.” As for her campaign-mate Josh Skelton, Johnston says, “We love his shaved head and his dark nature.”

Should Baker continue on this road to supermodeldom, no doubt Zambesi will go down in record books as the answer to this trivia question: What was Emily Baker’s first paid job?

And they’re happy with the results. “The strength of these images is incredible, says Johnston, “I personally think this is the strongest campaign Marissa Findlay has shot to date.”


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  1. Guest says

    Who cares which one she ‘shot’ first they are both same season how petty!!!
    She is awesome and sorry to all the suckers who turned this wonderful girl down-their loss!
    I like Emily xx

  2. isaaclikes says

    According to Emily Baker’s agency Clyne, who I consulted before writing this post, the Zambesi job was her first campaign.

  3. 1am says

    And prior to that, as a total freshie known then as just M, looking every part the supermodel here in her first ever editorial and modeling debut for latest issue, and cover, of 1AM Magazine shot by Marissa Findlay http://bit.ly/esNZk1

  4. isaaclikes says

    According to Ursula at Clyne,

    “She was booked as “unrecognizable” for Barkers, when unrecognizable it is never credited that a girl did the job as she was paid to reflect unrecognizable, and can still do competing brands as it is as if they never did the job.”

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