#1757 Now you can buy a $798 Little Brother suit from Barkers

Photos: James Munro

Murray Crane announced the appointment of Karl Clausen (formerly head of bespoke suiting at Alfred Dunhill) as General Manager of Crane Brothers yesterday, and once again spoke of his intention to begin producing a range of higher-end made in Europe suits to compete with brands like Ermenegildo Zegna, Brioni and Canali. “Most companies when they grow tend to diversify by watering down their offer, said Crane. “We are going more expensive, flying in the face of fashion.” That may be so, but today I can exclusively announce that Crane’s Little Brother for Barkers collection will include the label’s first suit, retailing at $798.

The Little Brother for Barkers suit is made in China and comes in one colour – black. Joining it is a camel duffel coat ($399), a quilted Barbour-esque jacket in olive drab or navy ($299) and a turtleneck sweater ($159). It’s the most fashion-forward of all the Little Brother for Barkers collections to date, and no doubt targets those men who bemoan the lack of on-trend, mid-level menswear available in this country (TopMan is another option). And I’m told that the mainline collection is following suit – Duncan Greive of Barkers promised it to be “Barkers like you’ve never seen before,” and, “A seamless transition between Barkers and Little Brother.” More on that later this week.

Little Brother for Barkers will go on sale mid to late March.

In case anybody else was thinking what I’m thinking, yes, the model (Logan O’Hara at Clyne) does bear a striking resemblance to Kiwi rapper David Dallas.


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  1. Jon says

    Hey, that is really great that the suit is being made in China. Not everything that comes out of China is bad. Personally, I’m glad a good, staple suit is available at a price I can afford.

  2. James E Munro says

    Hey, great to see the photos up! Just a small note, my name was mis spelled. There’s no ‘e’. No biggie and keep up the good work!

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